Holiday Lights

Happy Holidays!  As in year past, we would like to continue the tradition of decorating the tree in front of your house in the apron with lights.  The color lights for each street are as follows:

  • Quicksilver - Clear/White
  • Nugget Court - Red
  • Treasure Court - Multi
  • Miners Cove Way - Green
  • Secret Path - Multi
  • Black Mountain - Blue
  • Windell - Green
  • Dynasty Court - Clear/White
  • Gold Rush - Gold
  • Sutter Mill - Red
Online Directory
We are pleased to provide an online version of our directory. The online directory is password protected to keep this information secure. As an individual household, you also have the ability to make your information private which means that only the Board will be able to see your information. Click here for instructions.
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Spring 2021 Newsletter
Airnasium Winter Hours

During the winter months (November through March), the Airnasium lights will go out at 9 pm instead of 10 pm.